Gabe Zichermann


Technical Producer Gabe Zichermann brings over 25 years of technological development and production experience from the video game, behavioural design and AI fields. He’s organized numerous live and virtual events and is a featured keynote at multiple conferences each year. An entrepreneur, technologist and author, he’s best known for bringing Gamification to the world. His three books, hundreds of lectures and dozens of courses have given over 1M people worldwide the grounding in game-based learning and design necessary to upskill for the 21st century. Throughout his meteoric professional career, he’s been openly gay and vocal about bringing empathy to the struggles of underrepresented voices in his work. Gabe is a staunch advocate for potent storytelling to break through the noise and transform culture. A wanderluster who has travelled the world, Gabe is a polyglot and a serious foodie.